Teaching in Higher Education podcast – interview with Bonnie Stachowiak, together with Laura Czerniewicz (February 2024)

Future Trends Forum podcast – interview with Bryan Alexander, together with Laura Czerniewicz (January 2024)

Open Education Global podcast – interview with Alan Levine and Una Daly (April 2023) “Walking on the Flaggy Shore”

European Open Education Champions (SPARC Europe) – interview with Celine Peignen (August 2021)

Into the Open podcast – interview with Nicole Neutzling (October 2021)

Check the O.L. podcast – interview with Anne-Marie Scott & Terry Greene (June 2021) “Equity Unbound with Maha Bali, Mia Zamora, & Catherine Cronin”

Gettin’ Air: The Open Pedagogy podcast – interview with Terry Greene (June 2020)

Who’s Zoomin’ Who? podcast – interview with Ken McCarthy (May 2020)

Teaching in Higher Ed podcast – interview with Bonnie Stachowiak (May 2017) “Open education risks and rewards”


OER24 Keynote (MTU, Cork, Ireland): The future isn’t what it used to be: Open education at a crossroads (March 2024)

AMICAL Keynote (American University Cairo): Critical Digital Literacies (June 2022)

VIVA Keynote (Virginia, USA): Open education and open capabilities in a time of social change (September 2021)

Commonwealth of Learning Keynote: Open Education Now (January 2021)

Who’s Zoomin’ Who – Episode 7, by Ken McCarthy (May 2020)

#OER18: Continually becoming: Open learners and open educators (April 2018)

EU Science Hub Joint Research Centre: Open Educational Practices (April 2018)

#OER16 Keynote: If open is the answer, what is the question? (April 2016)

#ALTC14 Keynote: Navigating the marvellous: Openness in education (September 2014) 

ePortfolio Conference 2016: Digital identity

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