original cover image of Storify collection of tweets

Over the past six years, I’ve created several Storify stories (some published, some drafts), usually summarising events, group activities, or conversations that I didn’t want to lose in endlessly streaming social media feeds. (Before that I used Storyful to create stories, but they stopped their story curation app in or around 2012.) I was never a ‘power’ Storify user, but I valued it as a curation tool. Storify will be no more after May 2018, so I’ve started grabbing some of the stories I’d like to keep — using @cogdog‘s excellent Storify Embeddable Link Extractor to grab the html code and embed the tweets here on my blog.

A few days after the historic vote for marriage equality in Ireland on May 22nd, 2015, I created a YesEquality Storify with some of the many tweets I’d favorited (⭐) on Twitter. I’d like to hold onto this little slice of history. Alan’s code made it incredibly easy to do that. Over the next couple of months I’ll do the same for a few other stories.

Thanks Alan.






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