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photo by Maeve Kelly

Today I started writing a blog post about openness, inequality, and the complex reckonings we make about our digital, networked identities. But tonight I’m finding I can’t write anything until I write this.

I’m just back from a meeting with two wonderful people here in Kinvara. Maeve Kelly and Pete Brazier are part of a small team who are about to make their third trip to Greece to assist refugees there. In two weeks Maeve and Pete will return to the island of Chios to work alongside residents of the island, other volunteers and NGOs to offer welcome, care, and whatever support they can to people who are fleeing violence and terror — from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and beyond. Maeve and Pete call themselves Road to Hope, saying simply: “that’s all we can offer”. They inspired us with their generosity and their simple plea: please share what’s happening and please lobby our elected representatives to do more to address this humanitarian crisis. To find out more about Road to Hope and/or to make a contribution to their generous efforts, check out their page:

Thanks for reading this. And humble thanks to Maeve and Pete, to Brendan Smith, and to all who see what is and just get on with building roads to hope.

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  1. Just shared this in a tweet. “Chuffed” is one of my handles :a play on the Britishism and my name and career, C Huff + Ed, so the link caught me by surprise!

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